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Script Frenzy update

Script Frenzy is nearly half over, and well, I'm having a real struggle. Only at 29 pages, which isn't too far behind (I should be at around 43 by now) though I restarted my script on Friday after I came up with a different idea.

I never really thought Script Frenzy would be more difficult for me then NaNoWriMo is, since you only have to write about half as much (100 pages of film script is approx 20,000 words). Though the additional burden of formatting makes it a lot harder to just write stream of conciousness, and you can't just load your sentences with useless adverbs until you reach 50k.

Also, I am really struggling with the story. I had been thinking about the characters in my NaNoWriMo novel for years, I only came up with most of the characters in my script this month.

That's not to say I'm about to throw in the towel though - I will write this damn script, this month, even if it's the worst script even written.

But I do have to go into crunch mode though. I'll have to stay away from the blog, movies, games and as much of the Internet as humanly possible until the damn thing is done.

Well, see you next month!



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Heh, lets see it?