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The best kind of backup is one you don't even have to think about. Dropbox is one of my favourite new applications because it facilitates that kind of backup.

Basically, it creates a folder on your computer which is automatically synchronised with a storage cloud. It's really that simple. However, it also offers:

  • Dropboxes can be synchronised between multiple computers.
  • Clients available for Windows, Mac, Linux and iPhone.
  • Files in your Dropbox can be downloaded from a web browser.
  • Version control, making it easy to roll back to earlier copies (The downside to this is I am now too lazy to set up Subversion repositories!).
  • Easy file sharing, each file saved in a public subfolder of your dropbox has a public link that can be shared.
  • Although there are multiple pricing options, the basic 2GB option is absolutely free.
  • EDIT - Entire folders can be shared with fellow DropBox users. Thanks @arran4 for reminding me.


I'll admit I have an ulterior motive for writing this post. If you use this link to sign up for a DropBox account, then both you and me get an additional 250mb of storage.



Joined: 05/05/2009

Personally I like google docs for my document backups. Despite the fact when you use it your documents are essentially converted to html (word) and some form of database representation (xls) when you use it. IE not a true backup. But the contents there which matters.

It doesn't do files however, and there is no 'sync' system yet. :(

But automatic backups are very nice. I don't have any going myself. :(

With dropbox I was going to install it, however the Linux client was designed specifically for gnome and no hint of KDE or 'generic' support yet. (It could have used fuse which would have made it good!)

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Joined: 02/06/2009

I thought Google Docs did do general file uploads?

But anyway, I think Google should look very closely at DropBox, if not aquire them. It's a lot easier to use then Google Docs ever was, an allows me to write in whatever application (OO.O Writer, Q10 etc) that I feel like.

Heh, I think the difficulty in writing an App that works universally across the vast majority of Linux distros is far too hard =P perhaps that's why I'm sticking with Windows and Mac games at the mo ;)