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Richards Evolving Sprite Tool

With this fantastic tool, everybody has the ability to create fantastic sprites!

When you load it you'll get a screen like this:

What you're seeing is a bunch of random.. well, shapes that look like ink blots. The space ship like design of 18 intrigued me, so I took the 'fuselage' from that, combined it with the 'tail section' from 35 and the 'guns' and 'nose' from 11. You basically move the cursor over the part you want and click to draw it to the square in the top right, similar to the 'clone brush' from Paint Shop Pro.

Anyway after taking parts you want (and ignoring the parts you don't) you press the E button to evolve - basically create a new set of randomized sprites based on what you drew. Here is what I got from my second set.

I thought number 16 looked pretty cool so I took that, made the guns by combining parts from other sprites and evolved it further.

Not only do I have a refined sprite but now I also have a large selection of other sprites that also look spaceship like. Infact, probably enough to make a decent retro shoot-em-up. But you don't have to just make ships, you could as easily create cartoon animals, faces, robots, cars, projectiles or almost anything else you can imagine.

Even if you're not making a game, it is fun playing around with it. Check out the official forum thread at Retro Remakes here


ImTheDarkcyde (not verified)

very nice find

JoshuaSmyth (not verified)

Haha, you know whats funny? I had this exact idea to make such a program approx 6 months ago - The idea at the time was inspired by evolutionary algorithms that I was looking at at the time, and was going to use it to create 'space invader' type sprites. But I ended up just drawing them for my game.

arran4 (not verified)

I had a similar idea myself, still going to go ahead with it at some point.. I just need people from the areospace department at my Uni to reply!