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SFXR is a fantastic and easy to use tool for generating retro, Atari 2600 type sound effects.

Take a look at the screenie below (click to see an enlarged version)

Clicking any of the options in the top left will randomly generate a sound that loosely resembles that from classic games, such as the coin collect from Super Mario or the explosion from any Atari 2600 shoot em up. You can manually adjust each of the parameters that generate the sound as well as randomly mutate them. When you're done you can export it to a WAV file.

If you combine this tool with Richards Evolving Sprite Tool, then you can quickly and easily create the art and sound assets for a retro styled game with virtually no effort. Attack of the Meeplings by Tiny Frog Software is an example of a game that uses sound generated in it.

The tool can be downloaded from DrPetter's site here

Thanks to Tiny Frog Software for informing me about this one.


JoshuaSmyth (not verified)

Its a pretty awesome tool indeed. I had all my SFX for Attack of the Meeplings done in around 5 minutes.