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Derelict dev post #8

As discussed last week, I have shifted my focus from developing flashy effects to starting practical programming of the game. Last night I improved the map, you can now change between squad members by clicking on them with the cursor (which doubles as crosshairs when directly controlling the troops) and also added preliminary support for 'Radio messages', which will appear as text along the top of the screen to aid you with hints as proceed through the game.

Next two things to work on: AI Pathfinding (being able to command your troops to move to a particular location) and doors.

Derelict Dev Post #7

"Only Capone kills like that"

I have been working away at the special effects for Derelict, including gunflare, bullet holes and splatter effects. The gun in the screen is Goatman's brilliant 'Super laser' design (adapted to be a more Gatlin type gun in this game) and the icon at the top left represents the players type, in this case 'Heavy assault'

Not much else to add, but soon i'll start working on the -game-, by fleshing out the player AI and crafting the tutorial levels, if I can stop playing Metroid Prime 3..


Derelict Dev Post #6

This week I got a mini-map working. Although it doesn't seem like much getting the damned thing running was tricky, BlitzBasic's 2D functionality is far too slow to be practical so I had to set the map up as a polygon. In this screenshot the game is also running in a 16:9 resolution to test the widescreen. The game itself is still running quite slow so I might spend some time over the next week optimising the speed.


Derelict dev post #5

Over the last week I have spent a few minutes adjusting and optimizing the lighting effects.

The spotlight is softer and over all the game has a much creeper, more realistic feel now, but is a bit too dark. It'll definitely take a bit of work trying to work out the best light level, and even then people will complain about it being too dark or too light.

These regular blog updates are definitely driving me to actually work on the game instead of get bored and give up, maybe I should have done something like this for my old games.


Derelict dev post #4

I haven't done a whole lot on it recently (been tied up with Work, Armageddon, travelling and other things) however I have recently started experimenting with pseudo-bumpmapping. Check out the screenshot below:

The effect of it isn't perfect yet, but the idea of it is to give the walls some actual depth in order to offset the Wolfenstein 3D feel you might get from having square geometry. This week I will try putting in some serious time on it and making it more playable.


Derelict dev post #3

"All terminators dead"

Over the last week or so I have just been doing minor revisions on the code, level editor, story, design document etc. Nothing much special. I thought the latest screenshot was alright though. Hopefully the game will be as creepy as hell.


Derelict dev post #2

Well, its been about a week, time for me to post an update. I get the feeling that these Derelict updates are going to dominate my increasingly sparse blog entries.

I've been having a holiday - a freaking awesome holiday - and I haven't really had time to do a whole lot on Derelict. However Greg, a good mate of mine has started some work on the title screen, as below.

It is an early draft and only one days work, but its a pretty cool start none the less. From my end I started working on the level editor. At the moment at least the plan is to have the game with rectangular architecture (such as in the original Wolfenstein 3D). Now I know this will make the game somewhat anachronistic but it is necessary for the semi-advanced AI I intend to program as well as for quick level development. The level will be decorated with fully 3D objects (and monsters!) and the walls may possibly be bump-mapped, so at least it won't look like Wolfenstein 3D. The focus is more on the strategic elements then the FPS gameplay anyway, so it'll ultimately have more in common with Space Hulk then Doom.

Edit: Almost forgot. Mark, who did the impressive 3D gun models for Project Firestart, has agreed to let me re-use his work for Derelict. Thanks Mark.

Derelict dev post #1

After mucking around with several game projects i've decided to get my act together and invest a great deal of time and effort into my new game project: Derelict

Derelict is a hybrid first-person-shooter strategy game. The story isn't set in stone yet, however it'll follow the very typical scifi horror theme of a team of space marines investigating a massive, seemingly abandoned space vessel. Think Space Hulk, but with elements from Doom 3, System Shock and my Project Firestart remake (without the bugs!)

Every week or so i'll be posting a progress update, a new screen shot and more information about the game. Just below is screenshot #1

As you can see I haven't done much so far, what i've done so far is basically just an experiment with spotlights and multiple playable characters.

Some of you that follow my hobby game making may be wondering "What is happening with your other projects then" I'll talk about them briefly:

Traffic Department 2192 is on hold, but definitely not canceled. I haven't heard from Michael in ages and hes really been the driving force behind the project.

Blow Stuff Up I was considering expanding and fleshing out the game but, asides from a patched version that fixes the crashes and adds a title screen, I haven't made many changes. I may be 'officially' releasing the final version soon.

Gunjet with Auckland Game Works. After attending the AGW meetings for a few weeks i've decided that I probably don't have a whole lot to offer the production other then ideas. None the less I wish the other AGW members well and look forward to playing the final game when it is released.

Anyway i'm optimistic about the prospects for completing this game, and if anyone wants to help by contributing graphics, levels, music, story etc just drop me a line.

What Mario thinks of you

This is the official box art of Super Mario Galaxy (source: GPStore) take a close look at the title and spell out what each letter with a small sparkle at the bottom says (hint, the first one is U)

Wikipedia and Traffic Department

I'm stoked. I've noticed that, for the first time ever that I have personally been mentioned on Wikipedia! Check it out

Admittedly I don't have enough of a following to get my own page yet (hopefully later game releases will get me that notoriety) but the very fact that someone thought my remake was worth mentioning on the game page as the original game has made my day. Maybe someday I will deliver on my promise to redo the remake properly.

Well anyway, I have done the first alpha demo of Traffic Department 2192. It's nothing special yet, you can play five levels loosely based on the original five levels of the game, but it is starting to show promise. You can download it from here. Since it's on Rapidshare it'll only be available for
a limited time folks.