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SFXR is a fantastic and easy to use tool for generating retro, Atari 2600 type sound effects.

Derelict Dev Post #27

Two screenshots for you this time. Check it out.

This one is an action screenshot, pretty much just because a guy on the Retro Remakes forum wanted to see the game in action. Not much else to say about it.

A marine without a helmet? This is Derelict's mysterious antagonist who taunts our heroes as they struggle their way through the Atlas. I haven't really put much else in the game at the moment, just slowly chipping away at it. I won't be able to work on it this weekend (Holiday) but I will try to get some serious work done on it next week.


Game Design Scrapheap #4: April Fools Day special

I was going to celebrate today by announcing my 3D first person shooter remake of "Custers Revenge" as a joke, but I never got around to making fake screenshots. But something far more bizarre is some of the game projects my brother actually started making but eventually abandoned, check them out:

Storm Ye Ogre


I'm not really sure what to say about a game where the menu options are 'achieve' or 'failure'. I think you're supposed to be some kind of military guy on a mission to kill an ogre, except you look like a tree thing with a gun. I blame the involvement of one of his mates.

Chicken Dude: Save The Earth


This was all he made of the game so.. moving right along.

Duck Wars



This is more like it! A Falcon Patrol/Defender-esque game where you have to lead a squadron of Aircraft Carrier based ducks to launch an egg bombing raid on a city occupied by those evil red ducks. Damned commies.

Flying Cow Man: Fly Those Cows



Unfortunately there wasn't actually any game made, just the title screen and opening cut scene, so I'm not really sure what his intentions for it were.

Gummy Man: Vengeance



This isn't the weirdest game I have ever seen. It is the weirdest THING I have ever seen. Some kind of platformer about a gummy man? I'm pretty sure it was mostly done by one of his mates though.

Cheese man: Legendary Sock Slayer



I'm not even going to comment on this one. NEXT.

Prince Mince: Role Playing Game



Hey, this one is actually really cool. In this Zelda-alike adventure game, you play a Princely Pie on a quest to liberate his Kingdom (Pienotopia) from the evil Franklin the Cookie. I don't think any other game illustrates his Pixel Art skill so well.

Jimmy Lee: Who Stole my pie?



Speaking of Pies, here is a game about a blue faced stick figure man on an epic platforming journey to.. find out.. who stole.. his pie?

Random Free Game #2: Rat Maze 2

Time for my second random free game pick:

Rat Maze 2

Rat Maze 2 is a browser based game with cute pixelart, oldschool chiptunes and equally simplistic and retro gameplay. Basically you're this albino rat and you have to run around a big maze and find all 72 pieces of cheese, as well as the letters that make up the word 'ratmaze'.

The pieces of cheese are usually out in the open but the letters are harder to find. One of the A's is visible in the above picture but to be able to get it you need to sink all of the balls without sinking the black one. There are a few secrets to discover, like walls you can pass through and underground tunnels that take you to another part of the map. It may take you a few times to get all of the cheese and the letters and then something else happens, but I won't spoil the surprise.
Overall the game has a charming retro feel, is very compulsive for a few goes and isn't too frustrating (except when you've only got 1 or 2 pieces of cheese to find and you've looked nearly everywhere!). Plus I got the top score for today too! I give it 7.5/10.

The game can be played here

Richards Evolving Sprite Tool

With this fantastic tool, everybody has the ability to create fantastic sprites!

Derelict Dev Post #26 - Beta 0.5!

This is the first screen grab submitted by someone else, in this case Sam Jeffreys who has contributed a few levels and textures for Derelict. This is his new medical deck level and it is bloody brilliant. It appears here he managed to get most of the way through the level but ran afoul of a last minute enemy ambush.

I am very happy to announce that Derelict has finally reached its 0.5 beta. It is the accumulation of six month's spare time work. It only has 10 levels and 1 boss fight (I had originally intended to have 12 levels and 2 boss fights) but is nonetheless challenging and will take anyone a decent length of time to conquer (especially on the harder difficulties!)

EDIT: Malcolm has again generously agreed to host it on his site. It can be downloaded here

Derelict Dev Post #25

I have been doing a fair bit of work on Derelict these past couple of days, tweaking, bugfixing and developing new levels (I am up to a total of eight, hoping to have around twelve out the door before the next release). The screenshot demonstrates one of the new features: hot steam coming through the roof. It will gravely injure anyone who walks underneath it except the medic with his bio-suit, so in some levels you may need to get a medic to walk through a tunnel such as this to open up doors for the rest of the squad.

The version 0.5 release of the game will be released sometime Monday or Tuesday. I'll post this release on the Retro Remakes Freeware forum as well to get it a bit more exposure.


Random Free Game #1: Yum Yum Remake

I thought up an idea for yet another regular blog feature: the Random Free Game Review. Every week or so I will pick the first game from a randomised list of freeware games, have a decent play of it and report my experience on the blog, as a way of expanding my gaming palette and to hopefully find some unknown treasures.

Yum Yum Remake

My very first thought (which may be the same as yours) was "what the hell is this". Indeed the graphics don't appear to resemble anything from real life (Actually they kind of remind me of that tower defense game). Despite that they're rather soothing and have some nice particle effects. The Game is a Game made in Game Maker that is a remake of another Game made in Game Maker (!!). I haven't played the original though so I can't compare. The object of the game is to play through a number of levels with increasing numbers of enemies. You control where your character is moving and aiming with the mouse. You can shoot by clicking, however only one shot can be on screen at any time, but you can always cancel the shot by right clicking. A middle click restarts the level if you end up dead. I found the game to be briefly addictive. The gameplay is fast and frantic as you weave your "Yum Yum" through enemy fire and launch strikes. There are a good number of levels (I didn't get to see them all) as well as a decent variety of different enemies. However there are a few annoyances that stop the game from shining. For starters, I couldn't find any sound or music anywhere in the game. The game seems to be a demo so there are a couple of game modes that you can't access (leaving you with the 'adventure' mode) and the gameplay has some things that are as annoying as hell. In -some- levels (not all) you seem to start in a spot in the bottom right corner of the level rather then in the same place you finished the last level, which really throws me off. On top of this there is absolutely no grace period - you can die within a second of starting a level if enemies spawn right next to you. Overall I found Yum Yum Remake to be an enjoyable, if frustrating diversion for a few minutes. If the game had been more fair and polished I might have given it an 8/10, but I will be leaving it with a 6/10.


Derelict Dev Post #24

Just a few minor changes, have a look see:

The biggest change is the addition of those wall lights, they don't actually illuminate the surroundings but they do add a nice aesthetic effect and make it easier to find your way around long dark corridors.

Also I've added these cool table and chair objects, come to think of it they probably can be re-arranged to make a long, meeting room type table. Kick ass.

Other then that I've been slowly working away at the list of things from last weeks Derelict post. I will do a crap load of work over the next couple of weeks to catch up and so you can expect the next beta to be released on Easter Monday.


Derelict Dev Post #23

My Derelict Dev Posts are getting later and later and I know it - I will try to catch up soon. Here is the new shot:

This is a cocoon pod that spawn the enemy aliens. This wasn't recently developed, its been in the current (unreleased) build for a couple of weeks now but I haven't posted a screenie of it until now.

The next few things that I will look at are:

  • An improved menu system with more options, such as volume and brightness
  • Difficulty levels, including easier ones where being attacked from behind isn't an instant death
  • A complete reworking of the command screen (where you zoom in on the map to give orders) that may include mini-screens of what every marine sees.
  • Some rudimentary voice acting (think the standard amount of dialogue for soldier units in RTS games) this will help lay the groundwork for more complete voice acting which will include indepth multiple personalities
  • More furniture and background objects
  • More levels which follow themes more closely then the existing set of levels